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Portal 2 Easter EggsEdit

Many people play games and don't notice the easter eggs. Portal 2 is one of those games. Note not all of these easter eggs are in order. And not all easter eggs are included. In the only test chamber with a Companion Cube (Chapter 2 Test Chamber7) if you listen closely you can here the cube humming Cara Mia Addio from the end of the game sung by turrets. On the chamber when GLADoS says to avoid the trash hurling towards you, if you get the radio you can listen to the still alive radio loop from the first portal. When you discover the old Apeture, you will notice a door some what open but disconfigured. If u shoot a portal inside you will here the Apeture Science CEO Cave Johnson talk about the borealis from the Half Life 2 game. This is pretty much saying that Apeture Science and Black Mesa are competetores.