Here is a list of all songs made by G. Hannelius.

1. Moonlight

G Hannelius "Moonlight"02:45

G Hannelius "Moonlight"

G. Hannelius' Moonlight

2. Stay Away

G Hannelius "Stay Away"03:55

G Hannelius "Stay Away"

G. Hannelius' Stay Away

3. Two in a Billion

G Hannelius "Two In A Billion"03:45

G Hannelius "Two In A Billion"

G. Hannelius' Two In A Billion

4. Staying Up All Night

G Hannelius "Staying Up All Night"03:16

G Hannelius "Staying Up All Night"

G. Hannelius' Staying Up All Night

5. Paper Cut

G Hannelius "Paper Cut"03:26

G Hannelius "Paper Cut"

G. Hannelius' Paper Cut

6. Just Watch Me

G Hannelius "Just Watch Me"02:37

G Hannelius "Just Watch Me"

G. Hannelius' Just Watch Me

7. Sun In My Hand

G Hannelius "Sun In My Hand"03:52

G Hannelius "Sun In My Hand"

G. Hannelius' Sun In My Hand

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