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G Hannelius

Genevieve Knight Hannelius, professionally known as G. Hannelius, is a child actor at the age of 12, born December 22nd, 2002.

Height: 5' 3½" (1.61 m)

Nationallity: American


Dog With a BlogEdit

Major character in Dog With a Blog on Disney Channel.

Character Name: Avery Jennings

Buddies MoviesEdit

G. Hannelius does the voice of Rosebud in th Buddies Movies.

Surviving SurburbiaEdit

Major character in Surviving Surburbia.

Den BrotherEdit

Major character in Den Brother

The Search for Santa PawsEdit

G. Hannelius stars as a minor character in Santa Paws.

Character Name: Willamina (Will)

Good Luck CharlieEdit

G. Hannelius stars as a minor character in Good Luck Charlie on Disney Channel.

Character Name: Jo


G. Hannelius also sings!

She has sang/wrote songs such as;

Moonlight, Stay Away, Paper Cut, and lots more!

For a list of here songs, Click Here


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